About IlliMine

IlliMine is a software and data repository from Data Mining Research Group, Data and Information Systems (DAIS) Research Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is used for dissemination of data and software implemented and experimented in the research process by the members in this research group. Most of the code and experimental data are associated with some research papers published or accepted for publications in international conferences and/or journals.

Due to some software license restrictions and some collaborative industry nondisclosure agreements, some software/data may not be published and thus are not included in this repository. If you cannot find some software packages associated with some published paper, and notice some papers are results of collaborating with some industry researchers, it is very likely the case that we cannot publish such software and please understand such situation and do not bother the authors of those papers. Similar situations may happen for the datasets we used in the experiments, please understand some datasets cannot be republished by us. Please contact the owners of the original datasets if you wish to conduct research on those datasets.

We should also claim that the software, likely those done by many researchers, are not bug free, and may not be carefully documented for others to read. Please contact the first author of the paper and/or software package, if you identify any bugs or needs other special help.

Thank you very much,

IlliMine Development Team

April 10, 2014