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Title Author Category Venue Year Source Code Object Code Sample data
PathSelClus: Integrating Meta-Path Selection with User-Guided Object Clustering in Heterogeneous Information Networks Yizhou Sun Date Mining and Knowledge discovery 2013
Research-Insight Fangbo Tao Recommender systems, Social and information networks and Demonstrations SIGMOD 2013
CATHY: Constructing A Topical HierarchY Chi Wang Social and information networks KDD 2013
Mining Following Relationships in Movement Data Zhenhui (Jessie) Li Time series and spatial data ICDM 2013
TopicSum: Content Coverage Maximization on Word Networks for Hierarchical Topic Summarization Chi Wang Document and topic models and Social and information networks CIKM 2013
CTOutlier Manish Gupta Outlier Detection ECML PKDD 2012
ECOutlier Manish Gupta Outlier Detection KDD 2012
CRF-Hier: Conditional Random Fields for Learning Hierarchical Relationship Chi Wang SDM 2012
CDOutlier Manish Gupta Outlier Detection None 2012
PathSim: Meta Path-Based Top-K Similarity Search in Heterogeneous Information Networks Yizhou Sun Graph clustering VLDB 2011