ToPMine - Scalable Topical Phrase Mining from Text Corpora

VLDB 2015
Author: Ahmed EI-Kishky , Yanglei Song
Source code: link
Object code: N/A
Sampled data is included in code link
URL: link
Category: Scalable methods for big data, Unsupervised and topic learning and Rule and pattern mining
Operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux
Programming Languages: Java

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Ahmed El-Kishky, Yanglei Song, Chi Wang, Clare R. Voss, and Jiawei Han, "Scalable Topical Phrase Mining from Text Corpora", PVLDB 8(3): 305 - 316, 2015. Also, in Proc. 2015 Int. Conf. on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB'15), Kohala Coast, Hawaii, Sept. 2015. [link]